Pop-Up frecqle Gallery at Gallerae

by Attila Mora

The Night Before Christmas - Friday 22/12/2022.

frecqle x Gallerae

The first pop-up Gallery run by frecqle. The night before Christmas saw a mesmerising evening of magic, banter and most astonishingly divine revelations with Art.

With the main gallery space hosting a thematic space of 'the light'. With each piece pulsating from the walls. People would walk in and out, stand and stare, sip on Rosé from plastic cups. However, Adelka Móra's painting Leaping into Gods eye completely and utterly captivated a local who was walking by and got totally struck by the painting that after several minutes of staring into its core, wanting to be left completely alone to wrestle with its hidden meaning. Turned to Adél and said 'I must take this painting' with out looking at the price.

With an outstanding reception from so many locals and gallery goers, the most remarkable and commanding series was notably. The work commissioned for the room specifically. After a profound discussion between gallery Director Attila Móra & eccentric Artist & visionary Bonkleigh Strut about the 7 Deadly Sins and its little known counter-part the 7 Heavenly Virtues. Bonkleigh pulled out Charcoal in heat of the discussion and on a pad of paper, began to sketch his inner visions of these virtues. Which in a series of late nights would be complete into a delicate painting of the 7 Heavenly Virtues just in time for the Opening Night.

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