Art is the guider of our soul and spirit, its importance can not be understated, yet most of fill our rooms with uninvolved decoration that doesn't speak to us in a deep and profound way.

Art should emulate nature and speak to our unconsciousness mind. Art should remind us of stories that lift our heads, it should make our heart beat faster, it should reel us in to look closely at its gorgeous detail and most importantly it should reveal something about ourselves. 



frecqle was founded in 2018 as a music, art & culture blog/magazine 

Post COVID frecqle began its transformation & expansion begining to commission and curate Art, to lift and elevate people out of the Dark shadow of the most locked down city in the world.

In 2022 frecqle launched a Pop-up gallery in the streets of Fitzroy North, as a prelude to the taking over of a light filled studio & gallery space in Malvern. 

frecqle studio & gallery will be opening its doors to the public in March 2023

In the mean-time keep your eyes peeled for a 1 off Pop-up gallery events hosted by frecqle and view our digital catalog here