Introducing Bonkleigh Strut

by Attila Mora Borbely

Who is Bonkleigh Strut?

Bonkleigh Strut is an idea. A fool. A wise old man. A young white dove.
A man who wants to shed light on the human experience. The beauty that Lays all around in constant time.
Bonkleigh strut has many parts. The production of the work that juggles absurdity, humour, truth & travesty.
Bonkleigh Strut always plays with perceptions and how they are an interactive lens as to how we see our lives as movies. He plays with these as though they're toys. Because they are. He pursues to provoke thought. Provide impact. Seek our own liberation.

What is an artist?

If you're truly an artist. You're going to be misunderstood but appreciated.
If you try to be an artist. You're pretentious, and you reek of falsehood and eggs.

What is the most beautiful thing you have witnessed?

Oh geez, what a way to have my life flash before my eyes. Going through the mental library of appreciation. It's so hard to bring it down to one thing. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of books on the road and as the cars drive past, I have seen all the pages rapidly flicker. Making me hold eye contact.

How is spirituality linked in your works?

Anytime I pick up a pencil or brush.

What made you paint the 7 heavenly virtues?

It started off as curiosity to the old text & what it has to offer. Considering that when we look around in these modern times. A lot of our society likes to put God and what the bible has to offer into a fear provoking state. Consciously or unconsciously I'm not sure. But seeing text that spoke to my heart & how a lot of people put it down, almost instilled it's potent truth. Like a mirror. 
When really thinking and dissecting the text, particularly the 7 virtues. I realised that a lot of our internal struggles and answers for genuine liberation lay in the 7 heavenly virtues. Look at it as though it's the most potent psychological advice you could ever receive. Take out the connection to source by doing these and you will still find source.
How did painting the 7 Virtues change ?

It was almost like remembering. Because my attention was on reading about the definitions and understanding them to then best painting them. In a Bonkleigh manner. But because my attention was on them. That's where my energy went. It helped me direct where my attention should aim again. It was refreshing to feel liberation from understanding ding the pillars to a full life. 

What can we expect from Bonkleigh in 2023?

Picture a man wearing suspenders, standing in his studio. Brush in the right hand, cigar in the left. Completely involved in his mission of creation. Clarity and belief that what this painting will be cannot be a mistake but pure expression. Add the 2023 part and bringing that to the people. 
View Bonkleigh Strut's work here