Interview with Adelka Mora

by Attila Mora

What is Art to you?

Art (to me) is a forest of dreams, an exploration of self. A record in time where the subconscious, intellect and humour come out to play. 

Why is painting an Art form worth exploring? 

Well firstly it is incredibly liberating. It facilitates a place for the forest to reveal itself to you.

You get to fall in love with colour and see where the brush takes you. You learn to surrender and let the piece unfold.

It’s like Speaking in code. Till you find your paired vision.

When did being an Artist begin for you?

The moment my Parents locked eyes for the first time.

 Creating what piece transformed you the most ?

I’d say when I was 10 years old, after school one day I was in the back of my Parents business making a double story house out of card board for my guinea pigs which 11 years later resorted to making a sculptural 'Home' for a Uni assignment after I had written for a month about my sense of the world, what it would be like to be a bird, my place in society, why flowers exist, my love for my family, falling in & out of love, what it is to dance and of coarse naturally the Fibonacci sequence.

Creating that piece as a 'Home' was a collaboration with the world around me and that’s when the light was handed to me. From my sister actually. She savoured a salt–lamp lightbulb for me for no other reason than 'she might need this'. Which ended up lighting the whole piece.

And then came the brutal loving criticism from my Mother telling me it wasn’t finished after I had invited her over to come see 'the finished piece'. And you know what. She was right. It wasn’t finished. I Had a ghost gum branch I had picked a while ago sitting in my room for the same reason as to why my sister kept the salt-lamp light bulb. It had no use until it was given one. The ghost gum was to be imbedded into the 'Home'. And that is when the night has just begun.

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